Ocee Design | The team

Alistair Gough

Managing Director

Having spent most of his career in the Paper, Packaging & Display sector, Alistair joined OCee Design in May 2010 in order to develop the business into one of the UK's leading commercial seating providers. He is determined to ensure this is achieved by developing the best products, the best team and providing outstanding customer service.

M - (+44) 7901 514515


Neil Clark

Sales Director

Neil is responsible for the leadership of the company’s external sales team. Since joining Ocee Design in October 2011, Neil has introduced the company to new sectors of the market, contributed to the development of its product portfolio and significantly grown its presence in London.

DDI - 01604 674674


Kate Mulcahey


Although starting her working life as a journalist, Kate’s career has focused on marketing. She has worked in both internal and external marketing roles within advertising and PR agencies and as the Communications Manager of a multinational healthcare company.

DDI - 01604 674674



Tim Bloyce

Sales Manager

Tim is one of the longest serving members of the team having been with the company since 1993. His in-depth knowledge and experience of the seating industry is a great asset to his loyal customer base, many of whom are now good friends. In addition to supporting the sales team, Tim is also responsible for the development of key accounts in the London and South East region.

DDI - 01604 674674


Ann Ashfield

External Account Manager

Ann brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from both a commercial seating and interior design perspective. Ann is responsible for supporting our key customers in the West Midlands and South West region.

DDI - 01604 674674


Jacqueline Chappell

External Account Manager

Having spent most of her career in the flooring industry, Jacqueline is equipped for both sides of the fence. Her experience of running her own business for 25 years gained her lots of respect in the textiles industry and given her experience in a variety of projects.

DDI - 07989 704769


George Georgiou

External Account Manager

George has approximately twenty years’ experience serving manufacturers, dealers and design and build. George is responsible for our table systems portfolio, as well as dealers, design and build and specifiers covering London/ South East.

DDI - 01604 674674


Mel Hodgson

External Account Manager

Mel has over 26 years of experience in the Commercial seating industry. His knowledge and enthusiasm ensures that his East Midland and East Anglia customer base receives the support necessary to ensure their success.

DDI - 01604 674674



Jodie Pritchard

Sales Office Manager


DDI - 01604 667403


Anna Lesiewicz

Internal Account Manager

Originally from Poland, Anna joined the business in 2006 as a trainee and quickly established herself as a key member of the team. She is now responsible for the Internal Account Management of our London & South East region.

DDI - 01604 667406


Sam Peel

Internal Account Manager

Sam joined the company in 2006 having specialised for many years in key customer service roles. Sam is responsible for the Internal Account Management of our Northern and Scottish regions.

DDI - 01604 667402



Henry Gurney

Interior and Product Design

Henry’s appointment to OCee Design has brought new in-house skills to the company. Having studied Industrial Design at Loughborough University, Henry has experience in styling, manufacturing, business, sustainability, materials and technology. Henry has been concentrating on developing a Space Planning facility, creating 2D and 3D space plans to illustrate how customers can best utilise OCee Design’s furniture within a given space. Henry has also designed our ‘HenRay’ range and is continuing to develop additional products to develop our product range.

DDI - 01604 667407



Jane Gough

HR Manager

Jane joined the company in 2009 and has a background in Loyalty Marketing. Having worked in finance and HR throughout her career, Jane ensures all matters run smoothly and effectively.

DDI - 01604 667408



Pete Hills

Production Manager

Having been with the company since 1997 Pete is responsible for ensuring that the highest standards of quality and efficiency are achieved within our modern production environment.

DDI - 01604 667412


Sally Fitzhugh

Transport Manager

Sally started working in the cutting room and has been with the company since 1994. She has experience in many aspects of the production process including quality control. Her knowledge of the company is invaluable to her role as Transport Manager.

DDI - 01604 667411


Jessica Bowyer

Operations Administrator


DDI - 01604 667409


Emilia Marekwica

Inventory Administrator

Having spent the majority of her career in junior management for a high end fashion retail company Emilia brings a wealth of customer focused experience and a expansive knowledge of all aspects of logistics in general.

DDI - 01604 667409



Ray Hills

Development Manager

Ray has been involved in the seating industry for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge and experience in the development and quality manufacturing of commercial seating products. Ray works closely with customers, suppliers and the Account Management team to ensure all our products are developed and manufactured to meet the high standards our customers expect.

DDI - 01604 667404



Maria Howell

Finance Manager


DDI - No Direct Number


Jenny Lovell

Accounts Assistant


DDI - 01604 667429