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Hi there! We are Ocee Design. Nice to meet you.

What we do? In short. We do multipurpose, problem-solving, and comfortable furniture – for many types of business. Your success is our success. That’s why we see furniture as a strategic resource for spaces that aim to increase wellbeing, productivity and a thriving culture. That’s it. You are welcome.

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The contemporary office environment should be a space where everybody feels at a home, a series of micro neighbourhoods each with their own personality and functionality to support and develop individual and group work styles.

Using our newest product ranges, FourPeople & FourAll, alongside some old favourites, we show you how to create spaces that inspire, delight, and engage the modern workforce!

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Function, Design & Aha

Function. Design. Aha. Inextricably intertwined, you hear us talk about it a lot. FDA is our way of spelling out exactly what we think design should be all about. We talk about FDA perpetually because we are adamant about it. It is the backbone of our approach to the way we do things and serves as a succinct summary of our vision, product strategy, and goals. It’s our design philosophy. That something special. The added value but it is so much more than that. It is a way of life.

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University of Leeds

University of Leeds

A BREEAM Excellent rated building representing the largest single investment in the University of Leeds’ history.

A sympathetic restoration and repurposing of the existing Grade II listed Old Mining Building which now forms an integral part of the new facility. The result, a glorious blend of history and forward-thinking architecture that sits in harmony with the landscape forming a stunning addition to the University campus.

Coventry University

This light and airy space designed to encourage and support collaborative learning but also recognise the importance of spaces for focused concentration and contemplation.

From the outset there was a desire to deliver an eclectic mix of furniture that would reflect the more residential look and feel seen in commercial spaces.

SDE Denmark

In the cafeteria at SDE in Odense, the interior focuses on organic shapes, calm colours and inspirational elements of traditional craftsmanship.

The main emphasis in the decor of the new canteen was placed on the small spaces in the big room. Creating room to seat many people together, but also room to immerse in work, and calm spots to relax was important.

IVC Flooring

Under the creative leadership of renowned architect Glenn Sestig, the Belgian vinyl flooring manufacturer IVC Group underpins their brand ethos with its new Flooring Development Centre in the town of Waregem.

n a poetical architectural narrative, Glenn Sestig successfully meshes outside distinctive features with contemporary functional interiors, storytelling the IVC corporate identity with brilliant twists and turns.

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