About Us

Hi there! We are Ocee Design. Nice to meet you.

History and Philosophy

The why, the what, and the how

Ocee Design has evolved as a business over the last 30 years. Our strategic development has taken us from a producer of operator and task seating to an established British furniture manufacturer of superior designed, high-quality products..


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Let’s furnish the world better

Conducting business in a sustainable way is on our agenda. For us, it is an ongoing process. This is how we, as part of a group, strategically commit ourselves to make the most sustainable choices as a furniture manufacturer.


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The People

Meet all the Ocee Designers

Just like our furniture concepts, our people are smart, inspiring and remarkable. We are a tight-knit international work-family – with all that it entails.


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Organisation & Values

A people-centred organisation

Our Vision, Mission and Purpose express our ambition as a company. It states what we want to achieve, how we will achieve it, and why we wish to achieve it. So let’s sum up what it is all about:

  • Vision: We strive to create a world with more beautiful, productive and creative spaces.
  • Mission: By designing and creating furniture solutions with Function, Design and Aha. We call it our FDA!
  • Purpose: To turn good environments into great experiences.


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Service & Quality

We pride ourselves on our dedicated customer service, bespoke product design, in-house installation team and guaranteed delivery programmes. Our internal and external sales team’s efficient and reliable service has fostered long-term relationships with our clients. Likewise, Ocee enforces stringent quality standards. Our products are constructed using only the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, enabling us to offer a minimum 5-year product warranty and an extended 10-year warranty on specific ranges.

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