Inspired spaces

Inspired spaces

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FourAll® Family

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Nothing Beats Family

One moment we are working, the next we are in a meeting or relaxing over a cup of coffee. We believe that furniture should be modular and flexible to accommodate constantly changing needs. Collaborative spaces. Social spaces. Quiet spaces. Private spaces. All in one room to help you complete your to-do list throughout the day.

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Break Out Magazine

In-Between Spaces

The rethinking of the traditional workplace is on fast forward. Breakout spaces which offer flow from one place to another, and from one workstyle to another, have never been more relevant. In the world we are now living in, the workplace must provide spaces for work and non-work activities, which encourage employees to come to work to engage, collaborate and thrive. Spaces with a flexible approach that adapts to all needs of the workday.

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Fluid Spaces Magazine

Present–day Canteen

Since the beginning of time our lives have evolved around food. As part of human culture food has always been much more than sustenance. We all know that nothing brings people together like good food. So does a well thought out canteen. The present-day canteen has to accommodate different needs and functions throughout the day, which require adaptable multipurpose furniture solutions.

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Clever Spaces Magazine

Higher Education

The centrepiece of any learning space must begin with multipurpose furniture solutions. We want flexible solutions which stand the test of time and help transition classroom practices in ways that fully engage students in learning. It is pivotal in terms of involving both students and faculty.

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FourCast 2 Family Brochure

The Story of an Icon

More than 15 years ago, Four Design collaborated with Architect duo STRAND+HVASS to create a stackable, sustainable and comfortable chair. The result was FourCast, and with its striking, streamlined form, remarkable comfort, and endless configurations, the chair has become a genuine design classic.

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FourSure Family Brochure

Versatility. Flexibility. Your own.

More than 15 years ago, Architect Duo STRAND+HVASS collaborated with Four Design to create a stackable, sustainable, and comfortable chair. The outcome was the recognisable v-shaped stacker, which today is represented all over the world in canteens, offices, conference rooms, historic buildings, and educational institutions.

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Ocee Collection Brochure

We need to oppose consumerism through timeless design, quality, and longevity. We need innovative, reactive and environmentally responsible furniture solutions that sustain in an ever changing environment.

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A Happy Healthy Return To Work Brochure

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