Sound Masking

Too noisy or too quiet? It’s hard to find a happy medium. There is a common misconception that if we reduce noise levels as much as possible, we will create a good acoustic environment. However, in many of the open-plan offices we see today, the problem is not too much noise but rather not enough noise. In very quiet environments, nearby speech can be heard much more clearly than in those with background noise.

When properly designed, sound masking dynamically improves comfort and privacy in the workspace. By gently raising the background sound level, noise from overheard speech becomes less intelligible, reducing the distraction distance and improving worker wellbeing.

The scientifically engineered sound is amplified through individual speakers installed above or in the ceiling, and it flows throughout the space to create a uniform field of sound. Our system lets you customise an environment like no other available system so that different working areas can achieve different levels of privacy.

Expert advice

Effective sound masking requires detailed planning and expert installation. Ocee Ergonomics gives you access to highly qualified independent acousticians who can advise you on the best acoustic solution for your workplace. Please contact for further details.