Flexible working… why it works!

Flexible working gives employees the freedom over where, when and the hours they work

…this way of working has become increasingly popular, however, the job opportunities available falls short of this demand. Providing flexible working offers benefits for both employees and organisations; research shows that flexible workers have a higher level of job satisfaction, commitment and reduces absence rates allowing employees to effectively support their mental health and manage any long-term health conditions.

During the global pandemic, people were given the opportunity to re-evaluate their prioritise in life and to balance their job with other responsibilities. This changed expectations of work environments, careers and achieving a work-life balance.

Embracing flexibility gives a greater ability to be adaptable, efficient and ultimately more effective to meet customer demands with a fully flexible and agile workforce.

Remote working doesn’t rule out physical interaction, but teams tend to enjoy interacting their colleagues on a regular basis and look forward to physically working together more often than not.

At Ocee Design we pride ourselves on trusting people to do a great job and creating an environment where all members of the Ocee International family feel happy and supported. The need for flexibility and appreciation for the level of flexibility we provide comes through continuously in the feedback we get from employees.

We spoke to our Group HR Director, Emma Welch “We fully acknowledge the need for people to deal with unforeseen circumstances and are passionate about offering flexibility as key benefit in various forms from remote working to adopting different working hours which helps us to place focus on the value of outputs that engaged, and highly motivated people create”. She continued, “personally, I have known too many organisations that focus on controlling the hours people work, the place in which people work rather than on the value that person can bring. There will be a missed opportunity to attract and retain talent with this narrow-minded approach, there needs to be an open mind to what can work for an individual or a team and how the world of work has changed”.


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