Ocee Design Awarded exclusive distributorship for Caimi Snowsound technology in The UK

Ocee Design started 2021 with a renewed vision in terms of our engagement with the UK market and its requirements for acoustic solutions. In December 2020 Ocee were granted an exclusive distributorship by Caimi Brevetti for their Snowsound patented technology.

This exclusive agreement means that Ocee are working more closely than ever with Caimi, learning more about their research and development within the field of acoustics and shining a light on their broad range of innovative and award-winning products.

We have plans within the coming months as restrictions start to ease, to visit Caimi and take in all that their new Open Lab has to offer. Open Lab is Caimi’s new non-profit facility that universities, research institutes, foundations and organisations may use for studying and researching sound, acoustics and more. Made up of 6 research and science labs, the Open Lab will lend itself to multiple uses and further the development of new applied solutions to planning, production and design issues.

It is without doubt a privilege to be granted the opportunity to expand our knowledge within the field of acoustics, to learn how Snowsound technology can be implemented to tackle some of the most common sound complaints in the workplace and above all else to enhance what Ocee Design can offer to our people, in their place, with well-founded purpose.