Timeless and Versatile Seating your Business will Love!

In modern business, you need flexible seating for multiple purposes. Stacking chairs, side chairs, comfortable chairs or lounge chairs. Chairs with personality and character. Stools, benches or soft seating; you’ll find the perfect seat for you right here.

Stacking Chairs

Place. Use. Listen. Stack. Store. Repeat.

Explore our great range of practical, comfortable stackers perfect for multifunctional areas, conference rooms, educational institutions, and canteens enabling you to transform your space in a matter of minutes.


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Meeting / Conference Chairs

Feel the impact of exceptional and comfortable chairs

Meeting rooms speak volumes about your company: its values, attention to detail and professionalism. Therefore, choose comfortable, functional, stylish, and high-quality chairs. Luckily, that is what we’ve got!


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Lounge Chairs

Fall in love with our brilliant lounge chairs

Lounge chairs are perfect for coffee breaks, receptions, lounges, hallways, breakout areas, and underutilised spaces.  In addition lounge chairs are perfect for creating a homely and cosy feel.


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Task & Visitor

Designed to support your body for the long haul

Our task chairs are built for comfort; they promote healthy, dynamic sitting, not only from 9 to 5 but all day. So why not feel the effects of a good days sit, and choose one of our splendid task and task lite chairs.


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Side Chairs

Comfortable stand-alone or joined statement pieces

Side chairs are one of those office seating options that ensure the right chair is always nearby so you can sit down for an impromptu meeting.


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Stools & Benches

Seats taking bench-warming to the next level

Explore our stylish, functional and aesthetic stools, and benches designed to match our tables. We promise they will optimise space, and more importantly provide value for money.


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Soft Seating

A beautiful and comfortable soft place to land

Soft seating has become just as pivotal as tables and chairs in the modern office. Create lounge areas and different environments to meet the needs of your employees, so they have a soft place to land in-between or after workday events.


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Collaborative Seating

Working together made easy in a blink of an eye

Our assortment of collaborative seating takes comfort and flexibility to a higher level. You do not need to move tables and chairs around; you can simply sit down, start working, discuss, and collaborate. There you go, group work made easy!


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Bar Stools

Let your legs dangle

Whether you need bar stools for a comfy office breakfast or an impromptu team meeting, we have some to suit your style. Our designs vary and include backrests, footrests, and space-saving stackability.


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We want to enable listening in big ways

Thus, we have a wide range of high-performance seating for innovative learning spaces that will guarantee room for unity and sharing knowledge.


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