Snowsound® Technology

Why Snowsound® Technology

Ocee Design is proud to be working with Italian acoustic product specialists Caimi Brevetti. Caimi Brevetti’s tradition of experimenting with new materials and technologies, whilst concentrating on environmental issues, has resulted in the award winning Snowsound® collection. Snowsound’s extensive range offers acoustic solutions for any size of projects.

Research and Patents

Snowsound® technologies and products are covered by a variety of patents, the result of intense research and development that is still in progress.

Design and Designers

Like Ocee Design, Caimi Brevetti invest in leading designers to create beautiful products. Many shapes and colours are designed to be either a visible and distinctive part of the project or to discreetly inegrate into the spaces.

Blocking Performance

Snowsound® panels have been tested at the University of Ferrara to measure the sound attenuation of different configurations according to the ISO 10053 standard. The results demonstrate the blocking capacity of these panels which allows designers to predict their effect on the acoustic environment more accurately.

Sound Quality and Acoustic Quality

Sound Quality and Acoustic Quality

Sound is formed by waves that are reflected from solid surfaces with limited absorption capacity such as concrete, marble or glass. In rooms made with these types of materials, a high degree of reverberation (echo) often results, making it difficult to listen and converse in comfort. Increased reverberant noise may also cause people to raise their voices thereby increasing the problem. Sound absorbing materials improve acoustics in these environments.

As well as reducing reverberation, Snowsound® panels play an integral role in the improvement of acoustics in open plan areas. The correct placement of these panels can help to control reflection and disrupt sound paths, thus helping to reduce distraction distances.

‘Class A’ Absorption Performance

Our products have been tested to both UNI EN ISO 10534-2 (equivalent to BS EN ISO 10534-2) for absorption in an impedance tube as well as UNI EN ISO 354 (equivalent to BS EN ISO 354) for absorption in a reverberation room. This provides us with a thorough understanding of the absorption characteristics of the materials which make up these products, as well as the performance of the products in their complete forms.

With good absorption performance across the speech frequency range, Snowsound® absorbers are perfect for environments where communication is important.

The frameless design as well as the lack of other potentially reflecting design features gives Snowsound® panels a completely sound absorbing surface. The panels have the same aesthetic, acoustic and functional characteristics on both sides

Strong, Light and Thin

Snowsound® Technology produces durable yet extremely thin, lightweight and easy to handle panels, averaging 3.4kg per square metre. The variable density of Snowsound® not only optimises the acoustic performance of the panels, but also creates a superficial protective shell which makes the panel more robust and less subject to damage, scratching, tearing or other damage typical of porous or fibrous materials.


When hung from the ceiling, Snowsound® and Snowsound® Fiber panels all bear the CE mark in accordance with BS EN 13964 for use as a suspended ceiling. The technical data sheets and performance declaration provided with these types of products allow customers to assess and choose the best technical solution, depending on the installation needs.

Hygiene and Maintenance

The absence of an airspace or cavity between the fabric and the sound absorbing material significantly decreases the accumulation of dust, pollen or insect infestation. The seamless surface of the panel is easy to clean with the appropriate detergents.

Extreme Conditions

To simulate the influence of the seasons on indoor environments, Snowsound® panels are subjected to a cycle of extreme weather conditions, according to ISO 9142 (equivalent to BS EN ISO 9142) standards, in a climate chamber at -20°C (-4°F) to +70°C (+158°F) and humidity up to 90%.


Snowsound’s external fabric and sound absorbing interior material has Euroclass B-s2, d0 classification for reaction to fire. The tests were completed on finished panels, composed of sound absorbing materials upholstered on both sides.


In the designing of the panel the objective was to obtain recyclability of the entire product at the end of its useful life, in a manner both simple and rapid. For this reason, the panels have been made entirely of polyester; therefore they are a single material and 100% recyclable without the need to separate the outer fabric from the sound absorbing inner material. All components are also made of single materials, plastic or metal, and can be easily disassembled, thus permitting 100% recycling. The use of high quality materials and processing make it possible to obtain longer product life, resulting in reduced consumption of materials and energy. The internal sound absorbing material is produced with up to 30% recycled material. The panels do not contain felt or other organic materials which are difficult to recycle.

Greenguard Gold Certification

Snowsound® and Snowsound® Fiber products have received Greenguard Gold certification, indicating that they are low emitting products and do contribute to the improvement of indoor air quality. Representative samples of products bearing the Greenguard certification mark have been independently tested and certified so that they meet UL’s rigorous third-party Greenguard certification standards, which are among the most stringent in the world. To help reduce indoor air pollution specifiers should choose products which release the fewest possible pollutants (also known as low-emitting products). This can be achieved by choosing products that are Greenguard certified, which means they have been screened for over 10,000 chemicals and do not emit high levels of chemical pollutants. Greenguard Gold certified products offer stricter certification criteria for sensitive individuals, such as children and the elderly, and are ideal for use in schools and healthcare facilities. Greenguard certified products contribute toward credits within the indoor environmental quality section of the leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) building rating system.

No Formaldehyde

The panels have no detectable formaldehyde content, tested according to the UNI EN 717-2 (equivalent to BS EN ISO 12460-3).


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